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3 Foraging Walks on the Wild Side (of NYC)

In foraging terms, May is super-charged. Plants are falling over one another to pop out of the ground. Some of the best-tasting wild edible plants can be spotted all over the city within the next four weeks.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Foraging for Burdock Stems

In our current issue, Marie Viljoen, mistress of edible weeds, waxes eloquent about the flowering stems of the burdock plant. “Those who eat burdock typically cook only the root. But the fast-growing stems are a delicious wild food. Cooked, they are a semantic and gustatory marriage of globe and Jerusalem artichokes,” she writes.

Black Cherry Bourbon

Leave it to Marie Viljoen to inspire us to forage more. That gal is always thinking ahead. Last summer she gathered a gorgeous bounty of fruit, which she turned into the black cherry bourbon she now uses to mix cocktails in the dead of winter.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Foraging for Urban Day Lilies

In our latest issue, Marie Viljoen shares her tips for foraging for and dining on day lilies–an invasive species blooming all over the city right now. She recommends them raw in salads, steamed with a dab of butter and salt, gently pickled or dried and added to soups.