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Sweet Indeed: A Chocolate-Flavored Whiskey Made in Here in the City

Earlier this week we got a whiff of chocolate, but it wasn’t from a heart-shaped box. Rather, it was from a flask—one of those little glass flasks with the typewriter-written labels from Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. In time for the biggest chocolate buying day of the year the city distillery released a chocolate-flavored whiskey, available in Manhattan at the Park Avenue Liquor Shop. (We’d get on getting one stat, if we were you, since we hear Park Ave is already going through their second case.)

Tipple Sheet–The Owners of Park Avenue Liquor Shop Tell Us What to Drink on Thursday

We asked Eric and Jonathan Goldstein–who run the Manhattan landmark that is the Park Avenue Liquor Shop with their father–to write up their favorite Thanksgiving wines and spirits for Edible readers. Their (often hilarious) picks are below. If what you read sounds delicious–we dig especially the post-meal cranberry liqueur–note that they deliver all over Manhattan.