What Hops Pair with Har Gow? Good Beer Month has the Answer.

Dumplings delight. Photograph by Brandon Harman
Dumplings do delight. Photograph by Brandon Harman

This just in: The Southampton Publick House and Kelso of Brooklyn just submitted their beer pairings for a fabu beer and dumplings event in the Bowery on July 22. With Edible Pursuit at Brooklyn Brewery next week (my gosh!)—special team of four tix now online– and our own Good Beer party-down on July 28th, it truly is the month of Good Beer.

But this event, orchestrated by Wai Chu, dumpling scholar and educator at the Culinary Center at Whole Foods Market Bowery, is called “Beer, Dumplings, and Discourse” and will be held Thursday July 22, from 7–9 p.m. Chu will be serving up dumplings in two flights, and pour the beers and discuss as he goes. Among those little wonderful little pockets of dough he will be making are:

Jiao Zi  (panfried vegetable postickers)

Xiang Gu Baozi (small mushroom buns)

Hung You Chao Shou (pork and cabbage wontons in red chili oil)

Har Gow (translucent shrimp dumplings)

Nuo Mi Ji (leaf-wrapped rice packages stuffed with chicken and bamboo shoots)

Nuo Mi Ci (rice dumplings stuffed with peanut and coconut)

Spencer Niebuhr of the Southampton Publick House just emailed these very dumpling-friendly picks: Double White Ale, Keller Pils, the Saison Deluxe, and the Cuvee des Fleurs. And Kelso of Brooklyn is offering up its St.Gowanus, Nut Brown Lager, and Pilsner. “This all sounds really good,” Kelso brewer Kelly Taylor wrote in an email.

Yes it does. Reserve your space here.

Brian Halweil

Brian is the editor at large of Edible East End, Edible Long Island, Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn. He writes from his home in Sag Harbor, New York, where he and his family tend a home garden and oysters. He is also obsessed with ducks, donuts and dumplings.

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