Pie and Books: 12 Favorite Food Reads and Four & Twenty Blackbirds Giveaway

pie four & twenty blackbirds facebook
pie four & twenty blackbirds facebook
Facebook / Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Trust us, new food books — whether they’re memoirs, cookbooks, D.I.Y. manuals or whatever — are published every day. To help advise your holiday shopping, we’ve teamed up with Bookish to round up our 12 exceptional food reads, both classics and ones that are fresh off the press.

Pie is about the only thing that could make these books better…and we have that, too. Before this Saturday, November 30, you can enter for a chance to win both a Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie and a copy of their incredible cookbook! We repeat: that’s pie and the cookbook. A pretty sweet deal, if we may say so. You can check out the contest rules here.

Curious to learn more about the cookbook? You may remember, but our sister publication Edible Brooklyn reviewed (read: loved) it earlier this year and shared their recipe for lavender blueberry pie. Doable for Thanksgiving if you saved some of this year’s blueberries, but also a gem to keep in your recipe box for next summer.

Ariel Lauren Wilson

Lauren is the former editor-in-chief of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.

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