Mr. Buck, We are Happy to Serve You

Leslie Buck and His Lovely Cup, The Anthora: Now We Know the Provenance of our Cover Girl

The cover of today’s Times had us doing a double-take, nearly spilling, yes, our just-poured cup of coffee. There was our May-June 2009 cover girl, the sweet blue and white and gold Greek paper cup that’s so ubiquitous in hands of caffeinating commuters it’s been cast into ceramic.

As it turns out, that cup has a name: The Anthora. It also has a creator: Leslie Buck, who died on Monday at 87. Buck was a refugee from Eastern Europe during World War II, a survivor of two concentration camps who changed his name from Laszlo Buch to Leslie Buck in the States.

The story is his obituary, but also a love letter to the great Grecian container Buck designed despite no creative background for the hot cup company he worked for called Sherri Cup.

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