Untamed Sandwiches’ First Local, “100% Sustainable” Hot Dog Donates Money to Wellness in Schools

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It’s way harder to find Duke’s Mayonnaise than Duke graduates working in finance in New York City, even though the mayonnaise brand is the secret to any pimento cheese worth its salt. Lucky for us, chef Ricky King at Untamed Sandwiches adapted his recipe from South Carolina’s low country and kept the mayo while adding charred jalapeños. Mouth watering yet? He’s pairing it with house-made hot pepper jelly (Holland red and yellow peppers and jalapeños roasted with pineapples and carrots). Add that to bean chili, pickled onions and Dickson’s Farmstand Meat’s first local, “100% sustainable” hot dog and you have the Rod Danger: an all-new creation that might satisfy your saturated fat requirements for the next two months but will almost certainly be worth it.

The sandwich is available now on a Ciabatta or gluten-free roll. And there’s icing on the cake: A dollar from each Rod Danger will benefit Wellness in the Schools, the school food organization made famous by Bill Telepan. Helping kids stay healthy might just be the perfect excuse for treating yourself to a little bit of Southern-inspired meaty decadence.

Right now, the hotdogs are available exclusively at Untamed Sandwiches, but Dickson’s plans to make them available to any grilling enthusiast in time for the dog days of summer. The animals are bought whole from nearby Wrighteous Organics, a farm that pasture-raises its cattle. Then they’re taken to their Chelsea Market location for processing. “In addition to the locality component, we work with farms that have a sustainable system of raising and feeding their animals. They never see a feedlot and are not treated with hormones,” Jake Dickson says.

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