FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Calliope’s Simple Fluke Crudo

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Fishmonger Gabrielle Stommel, aka Gabe the Fish Babe (read our profile of Stommel in our current issue), calls this recipe for fluke crudo “delightfully simple.” She often eats sushi-grade  fluke (meaning the fish are bled immediately on the boat) raw at home. This crudo takes seconds, or for a little more effort, try chopping it into a medium dice with red onion, fresh chilies and herbs and dousing the lot with citrus juices for an easy fluke ceviche.

Calliope’s Simple Fluke Crudo

Serves 4 as an appetizer
From chef Eric Korsh of Calliope (84 E. Fourth St., at Second Ave., 212.260.8484)

½ pound fresh Rhode Island sushi-grade fluke
A buttery extra-virgin olive oil (Korsh recommends using Arbequiña olives from Spain or Chile)
1 each lemon, lime and orange
Sea salt
½ jalapeño chile, slivered

Cut segments of fluke into bite-size strips. Use a very sharp knife, and try to cut the fish with one-stroke motions. Arrange the strips on your serving plate. Drizzle olive oil lightly over the raw fluke. Add a few drops of juices from the orange, lime and lemon to each strip of fish. Finish with a sprinkle of sea salt and slivers of jalapeño.




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