Toby’s Estate Coffee to Open Third Location in West Village


Ever feel like the first cup of the coffee of the day would be so much better if you bothered to actually measure out the beans, adjust the sizing on your grinder, or pay attention to your pouring methods above and beyond hitting the coffee beans and missing your feet? You can now pay someone to help you with your grind game at Toby’s Estate Coffee Brew School.

The newest outlet of Toby’s Estate Coffee, opening next month in the West Village, will offer espresso classes, latte art classes and home brew classes. You can stop squinting at YouTube videos as you fight the caffeine withdrawal headache and gain confidence in your ability to control whether your morning brew will turn out watery and basically decaffeinated or so strong you have to eat it with a fork. You’ll also learn about some finer details like taste profiling and drink some great coffee along the way. If they can patent a way to make sure I never run out of coffee beans, they’ll be well on their way to working themselves out of the business.

Featured photo credit: Instagram/tobysbrooklyn

Claire Brown

Claire is the Associate Digital Editor at Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn. When she's not writing about food, she can often be found leading tours at the Union Square Greenmarket.

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