How Top Realtor Gabriele Sewtz Does Food

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Courtesy Compass.
Sewtz starts off her day with healthy homemade pancakes with fruit and maple syrup. Photo courtesy of Compass.

0127-PartnerTip-350x70px-Style guide greens2When you run a team of realtors who have a combined track record of more than 300 transactions and nearly $200 million in closed deals, and you’re a mom, making sure you’re well-fed and energized throughout the day isn’t easy. But Gabriele Sewtz, who runs The Gabriele Sewtz Team at Compass, makes it work. We had the Park Slope-based professional take us through a day in her life to see how it’s done, from breakfast to dinner.

Edible Manhattan: What do you eat for breakfast on a busy day?
Gabriele Sewtz: 
I always have a healthy breakfast because it might take a few hours before I can grab a bite again. I start off my day with healthy homemade pancakes with fruit and maple syrup—here is the recipe:

6 eggs
1/2 cup whipped cottage cheese
1 cup of rolled oats
2 tablespoons of cinnamon
4 tablespoons maple syrup
1–3 drops vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together to batter-like consistency, take out your favorite stove-top pancakes pan and you are good for a couple of mornings, since they store well—and I am addicted to Key Lime Crumble Greek Yoghurt, tons of protein.

EM: Where do you like to pick up a quick, healthy lunch? What do you get?
GS: Açai bowls are a good choice for a quick and healthy lunch (if you are near Gramercy, check out 8th Wonder Juice Bar at 370 Second Ave.) and I am a big fan of salads; they never get cold if your lunch unexpectedly gets pushed back by an hour.

EM: Are there any snacks you always have in your bag? If you need a 3:00 p.m. pick-me-up, where do you go?
GS: In my bag you will find: A variety of protein bars, Justin’s squeezable honey peanut butter blend, dried fruit and nuts mix, wrapped cheese sticks, fruit, hummus, boiled eggs, pre-cut veggies—and if you aren’t as organized, you can pick up any of the items at a deli, fruit cart or Whole Foods, including sushi. My 3 p.m. pick-me-up? A good smoothie made with real fruit.

EM: What do you make at home after a busy day? 
GS: We have homemade dinner most nights, and I have to admit that my husband is the chef in the family and is our favorite recipe site—I shop at the farmers’ market in Union Square and Grand Army Plaza for fresh ingredients and the meals are light and simple, yet yummy and even the kids think so.

EM: What’s your favorite spot for take-out or your go-to place for dinner?
GS: Nothing beats a good pie of pizza for take-out, and for family dinner, Talde is our favorite spot—we can easily go through seven servings of their dumplings alone. If I go out with friends, I like restaurants where the service is impeccable but not stiff and where you can actually carry a good conversation, like The House or Blue Ribbon.