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Come to a Rally to Save New Amsterdam Market Tomorrow at Noon

City Council members will vote Wednesday whether to allow rezoning on Pier 17 and the East River waterfront in Lower Manhattan, a move which would allow the iconic, city-owned Fulton Fish Market buildings to be destroyed and replaced with a luxury high-rise complex whose details have not been disclosed to the public.

July-August 2012

Rather his goal was to revive a marketplace where Manhattanites have bought local food for centuries, to nurture nascent artisan endeavors, to build community and to introduce thousands of New Yorkers to one another over food that is indeed good, clean and fair.

Feast of the Fisheries at New Amsterdam

The Gathering of the Fisheries is one of frequent theme markets at the seaport market–grains, meat and ice cream have been other topics–and this is the first this year. More than a dozen regional fish and seafood vendors–some from right here–will be selling their watery wares.

Your Favorite Street Meats Get a Sustainable Makeover

There’s kind of running joke among certain city chowhounds about how the mandate to eat humanely raised meats and locally sourced produce is lifted for street food, immigrant-run holes in the wall and food trucks. On May 6 you can earn both locavore and food explorer points at the very same time.

This Sunday, See Fulton Fish Market as it Once Was: Filled with Seafood

Years ago, we were lucky enough to get a pre-dawn tour of Fulton Fish Market, a few months before the old outdoor stalls shuttered and moved operations to a state of the art building in the south Bronx. It was the middle of winter and there on the East River waterfront ice and fish had pretty much become one. As fishmongers went about their work with bloody hooks and layers of clothing, the homeless guys camping out down on the cobblestones of South Street Seaport lit fires in metal trashcans and oil drums to beat the frigid cold. This Sunday’s New Amsterdam market is an homage to what came before, minus the cold and dark and plus a few lobster rolls and other goodies. Called the “Wintermarket,” it’ll feature a whole section of seafood from fisheries of the Northeast and New England.