An Egg CSA Arrives at Chelsea Market Just in Time for a Sunny (Side-Up) Summer

Buff Orpington roosters out for a stroll on Windy Ridge Natural Farms in Alfred, NY

Those arbiters of humanely raised livestock, Animal Welfare Approved, have just announced a new offering for New Yorkers seeking healthy, rich orange-yolked eggs from feedlot-free fowl. Starting June 13th, you can pick up a biweekly share of such eggs (meaning every other Monday) at Dickson’s Farmstand Meats’ shop at Chelsea Market on 17th Street. The Certified Organic, pasture-raised hens hail from Alfred, NY-based Windy Ridge Natural Farms, where they roam freely and are prized for their subsequent high flavor and nutritional value — rich in omegas, they’re raised without antibiotics or growth agents.

The CSA (or VIP Egg Club, as they’re calling it) runs for three months from June 13th to September 25th. Sign up for the $60 upfront share (and a mind free of worry over an eggless fridge) by registering with this order form on Windy Ridge Natural Farm’s website. We’re looking forward to a little bright yolk in the morning.

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