Announcing This Year’s 8 Eat Drink Local Week Ingredients

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The fourth Eat Drink Local week kicks off June 23 and involves partners from the entire food chain, who urge you to dine out, cook in, and celebrate the ingredients, landscape and people behind our food and drink through a week’s worth of events, restaurant meals and cooking and drinking at home.

Each year we pick one locally available ingredient, food group or beverage to highlight for each day of Eat Drink Local Week, and encourage our partnering businesses and home cooks to try them. This year those ingredients are: Spinach, Eggs, Goat (milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, etc.), Rose Wines, Radishes, Porgy, Fava Beans, and Hudson Valley hops. Learn more about what we’ve got planned for these ingredients as Eat Drink Local Week draws near.

In the meantime, to learn more about restaurants offering Eat Drink Local Week prix-fixe and other events throughout the Week, click here.

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