Another Day for the Birds: Edible’s Report on City Chickens Today on NY1

One of the lovely ladies of chicken coop number two at Hattie Carthan garden in Bed-Stuy.

If you’re out buying a new flat screen from Best Buy today or just recuperating couch-side, be sure to check out NY1, for episode Numero Two of Edible’s new weekly series Let’s Eat, which airs 11 times every Friday. Last week’s, in case you missed it, was on the egg creams at Brooklyn Farmacy. And today’s feature? Owen Taylor, Just’s Food’s Training and Livestock Manager, aka “The Chicken Man.” It’s his job to help train New Yorkers to keep chickens on their patios, rooftops and in their community gardens — there are now 444 members of the Just Food City Chicken Meetup group he manages — and we caught up with him at Hattie Carthan Community Garden in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn where they are selling eggs for $4 a dozen and have built chicken coop number two. Today, we think, it definitely feels good to be a chicken, right?

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