Awfully Handy This Time of Year – The Recipe for Coquito (aka Puerto Rican Egg Nog)

If you missed El Museo del Barrio’s annual coquito competition and tasting earlier this month — things get pretty intense, we’ve heard — no worries. The intensely rummy, coconut-creamy Puerto Rican version of egg nog is almost as good enjoyed with friends at home over the holidays, to that end we posted the recipe (make that “a” recipe, considering every family has at least one) from the museum right here last year. Note that unlike many older versions, theirs errs on the side of food-safety and doesn’t include raw eggs or egg yolks, which does detract a bit from the ultra-richness: Here’s one that does. Just be sure to download a song or two from New York’s own Tito Rodriguez, aka “El Inolvidable” or The Unforgettable, after one of his most popular songs. Speaking of the Latin nog, last year we introduced you to Angel Roman, the king of coquito who makes gallons each year for his annual holiday party. We caught up with him again with a TV crew this winter, and we’ll be airing the results on NY1 next Friday, just in time to inspire you to make your own coquito on New Year’s Eve.

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