Caught in the Act: Edible Under Glass, Under Icing and Under a Cocktail


Cover Girls: Edible as Art

We like to think of what goes into our pages as works of art already. But in the past few weeks we’ve stumbled on a few cases where they’ve become part of something even better. (We’ve got larger images of these three down below, too.)

For starters there’s our story about Mark Bello, who knows the tasty stuff to be found in his neighborhood of Chinatown about as well as anybody could, and also runs Pizza a Casa, which gives food walking tours and shows home cooks how to make really, really good pizzas at home. (Hint: Crank up that oven, and follow his master dough recipe.)

In our 2009 Fall issue, we wrote about the roast turkeys he has his local Chinese noodle shop prepare for him in the manner of their crispy-skinned ducks. Noodle King (it’s at 19 Henry Street) liked the piece so much it’s now part of the dining room, slipped under the glass at the center table. (But please don’t spill any of their world-class wonton soup on Mark, whose photo was taken by our photo editor Michael Harlan Turkell.)

Next up is the current cover of Edible Brooklyn, shot by Jacob Pritchard and signed by Amelia Coulter, the cookie artiste herself, in icing during a holiday party at Brooklyn Kitchen, the outstanding kitchenwares shop in Williamsburg. They also have the Meat Hook (Tom Mylan’s butcher shop) and the Labs (their state-of-the-art classroom) and good stuff for making homebrew too. Notice that the extremely clever owners of the shop, where this masterpiece now hangs, put the pushpin right on the “i” in Edible.

And finally we have our current issue, which is graced with the sweet little Subway Inn, one of the city’s best dives. Micah Beree captured its neon essence and we captured that as a coaster at Good Spirits last week, our very first cocktail pairing event. It’s much like summer’s Good Beer and spring’s Uncorked, which we ought to maybe change to Good Wine.

Word is there might be another Good Spirits in a few weeks, too, in Brooklyn. We have high hopes to catch Edible Brooklyn covers in the middle of the action that night, too. In the meantime, below are the photos full size, for your perusal.




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