Dine Out Irene Collected $47,375 for Local Farms, Help Them Break $50k as the New Growing Season Begins

Those of you who participated in last fall’s Dine Out Irene will be pleased to hear that the organizers of the one-night fundraiser have tallied up the donations from dozens of local participating restaurants and collected a whopping $47,375 for farms impacted by the hurricane.

If you want to help DOI break $50k, note that the beneficiaries of the funds–Just Food and GrowNYC–are still taking donations, which since November have been given out to their network of farms in  $2,000 and $5,000 increments, based on need. (To see the list of recipients from GrowNYC, click here; for recipients from Just Food, click here.)

As the new growing season begins this spring, it’s likely we’ll be seeing the aftermath of the storms much more clearly as some farms return to market with fewer goods or maybe don’t return at all. Many are still struggling to rebuild their farms, soil or infrastructure. To learn more about the DOI, farms affected by the storm or get in touch with Just Food or GrowNYC–or to donate–visit the Dine Out Irene site.

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