Drop Us a Line, or Something Like That

readerfeedbackpageYou may have already noticed something new in our latest print issue. If you flip a few pages in from the front cover, you’ll see a feature that’s only set to expand in future copies: our reader feedback page.

There are more ways than ever to interact with our edit staff. Long gone are the days of writing a letter to our editor (although you’re welcome to do that, too); now you can tweet at us, leave us a Facebook comment, give us your two cents on our Instagram posts and share your reaction at the bottom of our blog posts.

You can e-mail us at info@ediblemanhattan.com and reach out to our individual editors. Here are our Twitter handles:

Gabrielle Langholtz: @glangholtz
Amy Zavatto: @amyzeats
Scott Gordon Bleicher: @sgbphoto (Instagram)
Carrington Morris: @ccabellmorris
Lauren Wilson: @ariellauren

Some of this dialog could make it into future print issues while all of it will help us to better give you what you want.

Got a bone to pick, question to ask, point to make or story to share? We’re listening.

Featured photo credit: Flickr / paul-simpson.org

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