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Centerpieces: The Global Table in Soho

In case you hadn’t heard — pun intended! — our photo editor, Michael Harlan Turkell, hosts his own Heritage Radio Network show in addition to my own Brooklyn Eats. It’s called The Food Seen, airs Tuesdays at 3 p.m., and  explores the intersection of food and art through interviews with photographers, food stylists, interior architects for restaurants, and industrial designers. Or as MHT puts it, “all the players that make you want to eat with your eyes.”

Today’s episode — podcast ’em all at http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-food-seen-mp3-heritage/id380318273 — features a discussion on housewares and their place on the tabletop with Nathalie Smith, owner of Global Table,  the home accessories shop in Soho shown above, and her friend and veteran food writer, Eugenia Bone.

And here’s a little more on those guests, courtesy MHT:

Nathalie Smith

Nathalie spent years as a prop stylist for fashion magazines (Glamour, Elle, WWD), watching cherished imports used on shoots in Paris return in suitcases, now curates a selection of the most distinctly simple and elegant dishes, bowls, cups, plates and utensils found in Manhattan. Comprised of elegant classics to handcrafted, organically inspired handmade pieces, they’re sure to be the centerpiece of discussion.

Eugenia Bone

Eugenia began writing about food for Saveur in the late 90’s, beginning a career that saw her work in the likes of Food & Wine and Gourmet, publishing a few cookbooks, most recently Well-Preserved: Recipes and Techniques for Putting up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods (Clarkson-Potter), and pens an ongoing column for the Denver Post. She often finds herself not only using props from Global Table for her books and dinner parties, but like me, has a covet list of Nathalie’s housewares which requires more room than her home kitchen can hold.

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