Fleishers Craft Butchery Prepares to Close Hudson Valley Shop

The original Fleisher’s shop in Kingston, New York.

After nearly 13 years, Fleishers Craft Butchery is preparing to close to their butcher shop in Kingston, New York.

“Closing the original Fleishers shop is bittersweet—we’re saddened to lose this limb off our family tree, but excited about what the future holds,” said Fleishers Interim CEO Samantha Garwin.

The company found out in late February that the historic building on Wall Street in Kingston that serves as their Hudson Valley home was for sale. On March 18, the last day the shop will be open, Fleishers will hold a day-long celebration of the shop with food, beer and an auction of the shop’s historic memorabilia that will benefit O+positive, a Hudson Valley organization dedicated to community wellness.

“We’ve had so much love and support from the community, it’s going to be a sad day,” said director of marketing Sophie Grant. “So many people have to come to this shop to learn about butchery whether to found their own shops or to simply learn more about meat.”

Fleishers is currently working to partner with some Hudson Valley retail shops to sell some of their staples such as beef jerky, bacon and smoked sausages They’re also working on creating summer packages that would be available at their other shops to make transporting meat convenient for weekend trips, and their Greenwich shop which already offers many classes and programs will take on the role of their flagship shop.

“As a company Fleishers isn’t going anywhere and we’re taking the unexpected closures to strengthen our stores and get ready for summer,” Grant said.

Photos courtesy of Fleishers