We Combined Top Local Booze and Small Plates at Good Spirits

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It was a boozy and delicious evening last Thursday, March 3, in Chelsea West. We hosted our 7th edition of Good Spirits, pairing some of the best chefs and mixologists in New York with our favorite liquor brands. More than 300 fans of good food and drink joined us at La.venue for expertly constructed cocktails and savory bites to match.

Creative collaborations led to complementary concoctions like the ones between The Wren, who paired tomatillo-braised pork in salsa verde with the “Emerald City”: Brooklyn Gin with dandelion-cilantro syrup, lime juice and a spicy slice of jalapeño.

They weren’t the only ones embracing interesting ingredients. Wassail used beet juice with their NeverSink Spirits‘ apple brandy–spiked punch, and RedFarm mixologist Shawn Chen, winner of our most recent Edible cocktail contest, used smoked tea in his George Dickel–based hot toddies.

Chefs consulted the liquor cabinets, too. Monument Lane brought 90 pounds of bourbon-braised pork shoulder to go with their Kings County bourbon drink, “The Queen and the Cowboy,” that included a deep-pink mix of blood orange, chili-infused charred honey and house bitters.

Many thanks, as always, to our sponsors, George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, Tequila Herradura, Finlandia Vodka, Chambord Liquor and dish and flatware supplier VerTerra.

Get a look at more of the drinks, dishes and debauchery in the slideshow and be sure to join our next tasting, Brooklyn Uncorked, on May 26.

Here are a few highlights from the evening:

Mixing drinks with Tommyrotter Gin.

clay williams good spirits

A hot yoddy, dusted with five spice powder, along with a dumpling by RedFarm.

clay williams good spirits

Chef Jason Weiner carving up a smoked ham at the Almond booth.

clay williams good spirits

Merguez and lentils served up by Bustan NYC.

clay williams good spirits

Fried oyster tacos by L&W Oyster Co.

clay williams good spirits

The Wren’s “Emerald City,” made with dandelion-cilantro syrup, lime juice, Brooklyn Gin and topped with jalapeño and cilantro.

clay williams good spirits

The “Queen and the Cowboy,” made with Kings County bourbon, blood orange juice, chili-infused charred honey and house bitters.

clay williams good spirits

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