Help Us Choose the Winning Caption in Our Cartoon Contest

Illustration by Bambi Edlund: When she's not busy drawing dairy products (or consuming them), Edlund is the designer of Edible Manhattan and Edible East End.

Well, folks, you dazzled us with your creativity this time. When we asked for captions for this dairy-filled cartoon, you did better than we could have imagined.  So good, in fact, we need your help choosing the best entry.   Can you help us pick the winner?  Just leave your vote in the comments section below by Monday, May 21st and we’ll get that Breville food processor in the mail to our lucky winner.  Here are the candidates:

Entry 1: We will be 1% in no time!

Entry 2: Milk: “Pick it up, Cheese.” Cheese: “I’ve aged too much for this.”

Entry 3: There’s got to be a better way to go skim.

Entry 4: Milk was determined to help Cheese reach his fat-free goal.

Entry 5: And to think…all that darned cow had to do was jump over the moon!

Entry 6: Cheese: “This low-fat craze is getting out of hand!” Milk: “Keep up. At this rate, you’ll never pass for organic.”

Entry 7: But you said you loved stinky runny cheese!

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