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Editor’s note: Today, we’re thrilled to share more details about our upcoming Food Loves Tech event! Be sure to follow along as we unveil additional news on TwitterFacebook and Instagram in the coming weeks. And if you’re serious about joining us, grab your discounted ticket with the EDIBLEFLT code while you can.

Food Loves Tech (FLT), a first-of-its-kind innovation expo created by Edible Manhattan and VaynerLive, in partnership with Audi, will take place June 10-12, 2016, in the heart of Manhattan. FLT’s large-scale daytime immersive installation, under the creative direction of food futurist Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant and built by experience design partner ICRAVE, will span the entire block of 27th Street in The Waterfront event space between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenue. Attendees will navigate their way through the field into the city, into the home, and on to the horizon as they see, touch, taste and smell how technologies are changing our future. Curatorial advisors on the inaugural program include Ashley Quinn, Ben Leventhal, Brian Frank, Isha Datar, Marcus Samuelsson, Nico Fonseca and Richie Farina.

The VIP Opening Night Reception presented by Audi and the Audi Tri-State dealers, will feature a fireside chat with Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, and José Andrés, chef/owner of ThinkFoodGroup and minibar by José Andrés on Friday, June 10th, as they discuss clean cookstoves and the future of food in The Diamond Horseshoe at the Paramount Hotel. The evening will continue with The Audi Experiential Dinner, “In the Mouth,” by Nicolas Fonseca. As 80 guests gather for the three-course collective supper, they’ll be introduced to a menu based on their own personal food biography and see first hand what it’s like to find new points of reference to taste as one’s most primal relationships to food are told, shared and eaten with the people surrounding them. Guests will bring their memories, forget their manners, chew on their tastes and swallow their stories.

As part of the immersive installation over the weekend will also be the Audi Innovation Lounge, featuring multiple “Food Sessions” per day. These silent discos for your tongue will offer an interactive sound and food experience where you must eat with your heart to get to know your fellow diners. A narrator will guide you and bring your culinary biography to life with each bite.

Innovators showcased throughout the weekend expo will include: 6Sensor Labs, AeroFarms, Bartesian, BeeHex, C-Fu Foods, Edenworks, EXO, Farmbot, Farmer’s Fridge, Gelzen, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Grove, Home Grown Cricket Farms, Ingredient1, Juicebot, June Oven, Loliware, Oliso, One Hop Kitchen, Pryme Vessyl, Seedsheet, Sir Kensington’s and Smarty Pans. An endcap to the installation will be the Food Tech Bazaar with participants including Califia Farms, Eboost, Lavit, Le Fusion and Make My Cake.

In advance of the expo, FLT in partnership with The Food Team @ Google, has also launched the #makefuturefood competition where the food tech community of food innovators, designers, futurists and dreamers are invited to tell us, what is the future of the corporate pantry or workplace food? All organizations, small and large, are challenged with ensuring their staff eats well throughout the workday and the goal of the #makefuturefood challenge is to identify what the ideas, software, hardware and design solutions are that make the business-eating environment better for health, sustainability, productivity and community. Submissions are being accepted through May 22, 2016 at which point the panel of judges will select 10 semifinalists to present on May 31st. One winner will be chosen and invited to showcase at the Food Loves Tech VIP opening night reception on Friday, June 10th.

Determining the semi-finalists and winners will be an esteemed panel of judges including: Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, Brian Halweil, editor-in-chief of Edible Magazine, Kim Huskey, Americas Food Services manager, Google, Marcus Samuelsson, chef and restaurateur, Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant, creative scientist, Future Food Studio and Danielle Gould, founder of Food+Tech Connect.

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