How to Taste Every Single Thing at That Massive Summer Food Truck Drive-In Under the BK Bridge

Chopper, The Street Sweets Truck, One of Ten Confirmed for This Summer’s Fest. Photo courtesy Street Sweets.

One of our favorite additions to this year’s 2010 Uncorked local wine tasting (here’s what the WSJ had to say about Long Island’s best at BAM this past Wednesday) was the food porn.

We asked George Motz, he of the fine mainly outdoor NYC Food Film Festival June 23-27, to play a few faves from past years on three separate screens–including his own Hamburger America. (We were lucky enough to catch the premier of that patty-centric flick at Two Boots in the East Village years ago. There was hamburger pizza, wethinks.)

If you spent any time at Uncorked at all you surely saw George wandering BAM with a clutch of DVD cases in hand with names like This is My Cheesesteak and Brooklyn Pizza. He also possessed knowledge of more exciting things: Those filmmakers who he thinks might win the 2010 fest, and the first 10 food trucks to be confirmed for their massive The World’s First Food Truck Drive-In Movie on June 26, with the biggest collection of those ever assembled in the city under the Brooklyn Bridge. They hope to have more than 50 vendors–including trucks, carts, kiosks and other sellers–on hand.

He wouldn’t give up the goods on the first, but here’s the latter, if you’re ready for it: Wafels ‘n Dinges, Treats Truck, Street Sweets, NYC Cravings, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, Soler Dominican, the Bistro Truck, Green Pirate Juice Truck, Jiannettos Pizza and Rickshaw Dumplings.  Even more shocking: There might be a special pass you can buy that will let you taste every menu item from every truck. There but for the grace of the food gods go I.

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