Meet our Eat Drink Local Week Sponsors: Brooklyn Brewery

As Eat Drink Local Week approaches–our week-long tribute to our foodshed begins Saturday, June 23rd–we wanted to introduce the sponsors that have helped us organize the event and also support local and seasonal eating year-round.

One of those is Brooklyn Brewery, the Williamsburg beer-maker we partner with on projects year round. As a sponsor of Eat Drink Local Week, the brewery will be hosting what we’re calling Meet your Maker this Wednesday, June 20.

Four groups will meet at Brooklyn Brewery, then go on tours to explore the brewery itself, the nearby Brooklyn Winery, the New York Distilling Co. and Toby’s Estate Coffee.  All tours are $20 and are designed to show you how each business makes its products. At the end of your tour, you’ll meet back up at the Brewery for beers, sandwiches and story swapping.

Sound cool? It is, and a few spaces are still available for each of the trips. You can get more details and tickets here.) You should also check out all the other events we have planned for Eat Drink Local Week, including hundreds of locally sourced prix-fixes at restaurants around the city.

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