Montauk Brewing Company Will Serve You Watermelon Session Ale at Good Beer on July 20

It’s the beer of the summer. Courtesy Montauk Brewing Company.

Good Beer goes down on Thursday, July 20 at 28 Liberty. In addition to all the brews, you can expect food from restaurants such as Harlem ShakeL&W Oyster Co., Jimmy’s No. 43, and many more. To get a better sense of what we can expect from some of the tables, we’re talking to a few of the vendors ahead of the event. Here, what everyone’s new favorite brewery Montauk Brewing Company will be bringing in from their home on the tip of Long Island.

Edible Manhattan: What can people expect to find at your table during Good Beer?
Montauk Brewing Company: This year’s summer hit has been the Montauk Watermelon Session Ale. The beer is a filtered pale ale with very subtle watermelon flavors, making it the perfect beer for the summer season.

EM: Your brand is huge here already. Why do you think folks in the city are so drawn to a Montauk-based beer?
MBC: Brewing the highest quality beer is something we take very seriously, and we are proud of every drop of liquid we make. In just five years, we’ve grown drastically, but always return back to tell the story of basement home brewing just a couple of years ago. Building our Montauk Family has enabled us to grow fast and build a loyal fan base. I think Instagram plays a large role as well. We have over 42,000 active followers, and this allows us to strengthen brand awareness.

EM: Is there beer you’re particularly excited to try or drink at the event?
MBC: The great thing about Good Beer is that there is a wide variety of phenomenal local beers. I’m excited to try them all—that is the beauty of this event. Putting together great breweries in one room is something that Good Beer does very well!