Rally for Ruby’s Bar and Grill! (Possibly Your VERY Last Chance to Visit the Coney Island Bar, to Boot)

Ruby's in olden times.

If you don’t think summer at the Brooklyn Boardwalk or life in New York City is the same without Ruby’s Bar & Grill — see the evidence of its long history as a fine watering hole in this grainy little photo — then you will join us this Saturday at 1 p.m. for a rally at the space, and you will sign this this petition. Neither may save the bar, which opened in 1934, for future summers — in the midst of Boardwalk redevelopment, the lease was not renewed by Central Amusement International, the company that now has a long-term lease for for entire 3.1-acre amusement park and the Boardwalk. But it may be your last chance to hang out there as we have so many times, as it had officially shut down for the season last weekend.

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