Real Food Media Contest Opens — Submit Your Short Film to Leaders of the Good Food Movement

real food media contest

Announcing the Real Food Media Contest!

Whether you’re fighting for fair wages for food service workers, adding your voice to GMO labeling efforts or taking a bite out of climate change by building sustainable food systems — there are so many everyday actions that are building the good food movement.

Have a story to tell? The contest is a great opportunity to experiment with a short film to show how you, your neighbors or your favorite organization are building a better food system. By entering, you will be in front of some of the leading voices in the sustainable food community, have a chance at winning big cash prizes and a film debut at the Food + Farm Film Fest in San Francisco in 2014.

The contest judges are an all-star cast of experienced storytellers, activists, farmers, film industry experts and food movement leaders, including Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Robert Kenner (Food Inc.), the Food Network’s Padma Lakshmi, Keri Putnam from the Sundance Institute, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters and Johanna Blakley from University of Southern California, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Emily Zweber, Byron Hurt and Eric Schlosser of Fast Food Nation. Even more, online voters will pick the people’s choice winner!

With over 170 registrants and 10 schools on board since the launch in October, the Real Food Media Contest is off and running. See guidelines and get registered for exclusive opportunities on their website. Contest closes February 3, 2014.

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