Robert Simonson Reports: How a Family Wine Shop Became One of the Best Liquor Stores in the Country

The Goldstein Family, of Park Avenue Liquors

The new issue of Edible Manhattan features one of our favorite Liquid Assets writers, Robert Simonson, on one of our favorite subjects, liquor, on one of our favorite types of stories, the hey, bet you didn’t know this place you walked by all the time was so cool, did you? And if you did, then well, pat yourself on the back for your city culinary knowledge. The place in question being The Park Avenue Liquor Shop, which boasts one of the best whiskey selections in the country for damn fine prices, as well as several generations at the helm. Seeing as it’s a Friday, we’re heading into the winter whiskey-drinking season (what, you didn’t know about the whiskey-drinking season?) and it’s nearly time to buy gifts for the family, we thought we’d bring the story to your attention.

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