Snap Your Snack at Noon on the 24th; The Results Will Be Shown at the Brooklyn Art Library next Month

Ah, the burger pic. Always a classic. 

Our new photo editor Rebecca McAlpin (that’s her awesome burger shot above) just clued us into to a cool project run by The Art House Co-op in Brooklyn. They’re the folks behind the Sketchbook Project, which is housed in the Brooklyn Art Library at 103 N. Third Street in Williamsburg. They’ve launched another collective art project we’d like to bring your attention to. It’s called The Meal: Documenting a Global Snack, and on February 24th they’re asking photographers from around the world to participate by snapping what you’re snacking on at 12 pm EST. Then you mail the results to the Library as a 4×6 print (matte, no borders) by March 5th. (Details, address and rules here.) They’ll eventually be shown as a food photo exhibit at The Brooklyn Art Library on March 31st. We’re hoping Rebecca brings that burger. Speaking of, we’d totally give a free subscription to Edible Manhattan to the first burger fiend who can tell us in the comments below where this picture was taken.



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