Hot Cider at Gram Tav, Anyone?

We’re not ashamed to admit we sneak out to one of the city’s bigger parks on a snow day — Central, perhaps, or Prospect, even — borrow a sled or a bit of cardboard from a friendly youth and hit the city version of the slopes. And after? We usually make simple hot toddies at home — stud a lemon slice with cloves and drop it in a mug along with a drizzle of local honey and a glug of Tuthilltown Baby Bourbon, then top the whole thing off with hot water — but this week we think it’ll be steaming spiced apple cider at Gramercy Tavern, the ultimate restaurant for pretending you’ve got a hearth at home to stoke and a stable of mares to keep warm.

Their quaff is made with apples from the Union Square Greenmarket just steps away, and comes with a dried apple ring floater and a shot of whiskey, if you like. We like. Also easy enough to do at home, though if your home is like ours, it doesn’t have Michael Anthony in the kitchen or a wood-burning oven full of house smoked kielbasa and mushroom lasagne.

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