Now You Can Swap Your Kitchen Junk for Other People’s Kitchen Junk!

You know you want this six-pack of vegetarian Korean BBQ sauce we bought in Flushing!

We already had a big old crush on Brooklyn Based, the email newsletter that delivers Brooklyn-based news, ideas, events or just incredibly interesting ideas to your inbox. But now we know it’s love, after the invite we just got to their kitchen junk swap, one of the first of many trading events they’re going to be hosting in the future under the name Trade UP!

This one is all about food, so if you have too many peelers, four blenders, that crazy bottle of hot sauce you bought in West Harlem but never used, a box of unopened green tea you brought back from Japan in May and a whole slew of vegan cookbooks you no longer need, this is the place to swap em for better goods.

It’s from 4-7pm, Sat. Sept. 25 at the very cool art and music and happening space called Littlefield, which is very close to the R train — so no worries about an outer borough schlep with an old toaster oven. It’s $5 plus an item to trade, which if you’re really cool you should list on the event Facebook page in advance.

There’s also a $3-a-ticket online raffle going on starting now, with proceeds going to a Bed-Stuy soup kitchen and prizes including dinner at Frankie’s and a day working at The Meat Hook. See, didn’t we tell you Brooklyn Based was awesome?

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