The 20 Most Photographed New York City Foods: What, No Knish?

A crowd favorite, it seems.

We were pleased to note that of the 20 dishes in yesterday’s New York Observer piece on the most frequently photographed New York City foods according to Foodspotting, at least two had made Edible Manhattan covers, including the almost-Recession special you see here. We’ve long thought it’d be kind of a cool idea at our next event (perhaps even Good Spirits next Tuesday) to have serious food folks hook up their smart phones to some kind of screen and just let the photos scroll. Beyond perhaps the occasional embarrassing vacation/significant other/parental/pet /self-made porn shot, we’d wager there’s plenty of New York City food lore captured there too. Ours would of course reveal plenty of Dom DeMarco’s handiwork (that’s no. 19) and some blurry shots of hand-pulled noodles being made through a dimly-lit doorway….

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