The Butcher Brothers, Today and Sunday on NY1

And they have, for more than 60 years on Bleecker Street

In honor of our current meat issue, this week’s episode of Let’s Eat on NY1 is on the four fantastic Otomanelli brothers–Frank, Peter, Jerry and Joe–that run the eponymous meat market on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. (Read Amy Zavatto’s profile of the place right here.) Those Ottomanellis — the third generation, seeing as how Grandma Ottomanelli worked a counter in Italy — are amazing countermen, fantastic cutters and stock some of best steaks, lamb, fresh sausages, pork and wild game in the city, just as they have since Onofrio opened the original O. Ottomanelli’s in the early 1940s.

It was especially nice of them to let us in this week as this is a busy time of year for the shop, too, since Easter and Passover both typically demand plenty of lamb, seder bones, brisket and capons. Frank also recalls a time back in the day when neighborhood Italians and Greek Orthodox would flood the shop (currently decorated with bunnies and baskets, as well as a photo or two of Lady Gaga in her meat dress) this time of year for kid goat and baby lamb. “Of course a lot of those traditions are gone now,” he says. Fortunately for us, the Ottomanelli’s themselves are still going strong.  Watch here to learn more about them.

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