Today at 3 p.m., Chefs Julian Medina and Pichet Ong Rap About Coppelia on The Food Seen

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Internet radio is where it’s at… or at least where to listen. Especially on Tuesdays at 3 p.m., when our photo editor Michael Harlan Turkell hosts THE FOOD SEEN on, which broadcasts right out of the back of Roberta’s Pizzeria. (Can’t listen in then? No worries: It’s on the internet, right?)

His show starts with the intersection of food and art but can end up anywhere, such as today’s episode where chefs Julian Medina and Pichet Ong talk about bringing their multi-cultural cooking backgrounds to Coppelia, a new 24-hour Cuban diner. As MHT says himself, “Manhattan’s melting pot is not just American like apple pie (or chocolate chip cookies) anymore. Travel the world through tastes and techniques from Mexico to Thailand and find fusion everywhere!”


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