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We tried some new things in our last issue. In addition to combining all four of our sister titles into one mega edition, you may have noticed that we ran our first ever “story behind the shot,” or description of one of our favorite photos as chosen by you.

We’re assembling our upcoming drinks issue (which will be a combination of stories from both Manhattan and Brooklyn) and would like your feedback as to which of the above photos you’d like to learn more about in our “Aftertaste” section. From Inwood to Gravesend, which of the photos in the gallery piques your curiosity?

What’s up with that decadent coffee drink? Whose cat is chillin’ in that workshop? What’s so special about that cheese and where can we get some?

Vote below for your preferred image above and we’ll run the people’s choice in print along with a detailed description of that particular photo. Starting with the photo of the coffee beverage and scrolling to the right, here are the candidates:

  1. Kopi Kopi NYC by Alan Gastelum
  2. Booze-washed cheeses by Lauren Volo
  3. Other Half Brewing Co. by Matt Furman (cat on table)
  4. The Brooklyn cocktail by Sharon Radisch
  5. Other Half Brewing Co. by Matt Furman (people around table)
  6. Nitehawk Cinema by Liz Clayman
  7. Pickled cocktails by Marie Viljoen

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