Walk it! The Haute Stoner Map of South Williamsburg

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In honor of the Times piece on marijuana-influenced comfort food, we present our five-course weed-walking tour of what has to be the New York City nexus of high-end stoner dining: South Williamsburg. The heart of haute stoner these days is probably the blocks between Metropolitan and South Sixth Street, where you can stumble from Pies-N-Thighs for a chicken biscuit to Fatty Cue for bone broth to the Commodore for a hot breast sandwich to Fette Sau for brisket and lastly to St. Anselme for a double slider and a glass of root beer. Though if you’re a real stoner, you’re not making it past that first chicken biscuit. Cause there’s also pie! Note that the truly chill can join the crawl at the Commodore, at which point you don’t even have to walk a full block.

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