Where to Go for Last Minute Gifts Today? The Greenmarket, Naturally

Union Square Greenmarket manager Davy Hughes, captured in slightly warmer yet no less festive times.

Okay folks, if you’re anything like us you’ve got three days to do all your Christmas shopping. The answer is right there in Union Square, and we don’t mean the Christmas craft fair (although there are plenty of locally made artisanal stuffs there, though sadly few are food). We mean the Greenmarket, which open today and Friday, and you can get all kinds of giftable goods: Bread and cheese, apple ciders, local wines, wreaths, blue eggs, pasta, flowers, sausages, duck fat, goat yogurt, heirloom apples, jams, pretzels, kimchee, mustard… Okay, you get the picture. And don’t forget all the other markets the Greenmarket runs citywide on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays — the list is right here. At  minimum you’ll want to selfishly stock up as every Greenmarket in the city will be closed on Saturday, Christmas Day. We know, we know: Those farmers — they’re just a bunch of lazybones, right?

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