2 Hours North of the City, 5 Ulster County Food Itineraries

henrys at the farm
Ulster County
Photo courtesy of Henry’s at the Farm.

partner tipAll the ingredients for a magical weekend getaway lie just two hours from Manhattan. Easily accessible by public transportation or car, Ulster County is full of tranquility and delicious eats. You’ll find yourself surrounded by acres upon acres of rolling farmland with charming little towns tucked in between and local eats that include everything from comfort food to sweets to plant-based meals. Plan your foodie dream vacation now.

Experience Good Ol’ Fashioned No-Frills Comfort Food


Sometimes you just need a burger loaded with all the options. Or a heaping bowl of mac-n-cheese. Ulster County is there for you on those days. From diners to delis, barbecue joints to classic bar food, the area has plenty of tasty, no-frills comfort food to satisfy a variety of palates.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth


If you consider yourself a chocolate aficionado or a sweets fanatic, Ulster County is not to be missed. From a cupcake festival in May to the area’s numerous local bakeries, including Frida’s Bakery + Cafe whipping up artisan pastries, Tantillo’s Farm Stand dishing up homemade ice cream, and small-batch chocolatier Fruition Chocolate, the hardest part of visiting Ulster County is deciding which treat to try first.

Get Lost in the Orchards and Vineyards

Ulster County
Photo courtesy of Twin Star Orchards in Ulster County.

After a week of work, there’s nothing quite like surrounding yourself in the tranquility of an orchard or vineyard to create instant bliss. In the spring and summer you can pick berries at Borchert Orchards, Prospect Hill Orchards and many more. During autumn you can pluck apples fresh from the tree at one of the area’s many apple orchards. Plus, year-round you’ll able to wander through vineyards and hop yards before heading to a tasting room to sample New York wines, ciders and beers.

Make Every Meal a Farm-to-Table-Experience

Ulster County
Nutmeg spiced buttermilk pancakes with caramelized apples and cinnamon-candied walnuts. Photo courtesy of Buttermilk Inn and Spa.

Farm-to-table isn’t a movement in Ulster County—it’s a way of life that was established decades ago. The area’s chefs source their produce and livestock from one of the hundreds of local farms in their backyard. At farm-to-table restaurants such as Blue Mountain Bistro, Café Mio, Main Course and more, you’ll find simple, delicious meals.

Embrace the Plant-Based Lifestyle


Let’s be honest, vegetarians and vegans often have a hard time finding a decent place to eat on vacation. But in Ulster County, embracing the plant-based lifestyle is so easy and tasty, meat lovers might find themselves indulging, too. In Saugerties, Buns Burgers dishes up vegan and gluten-free options right alongside traditional burgers and hot dogs, while Lagusta’s Luscious in New Paltz has a plethora of vegan chocolates to try. Throughout the area, vegan-and-vegetarian-friendly restaurants and bakeries are proving that veggies can steal the meal show.