The Pass: The Cannabis Company Offering Farm-to-Label Cannabis—And Why You Should Stock Up Now

The Pass' greenhouse

“To produce high-quality cannabis it takes a strong focus on the details,” says Pete Steimer, Director of Cultivation at The Pass, a vertically integrated cannabis dispensary in Sheffield, Mass. “Walking through the rooms each day and observing the plant growth is essential. Our growers are in the rooms studying each plant and watching for any anomalies that seem out of place. Plant health directly translates to yields, cannabinoid and terpene content of the flower.”

The Pass is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis products possible, and part of how they can ensure that is through their vertical integration. Vertical integration means they oversee the entire seed-to-sale process, from growing the cannabis plant, to processing them, to selling the finished product in their own dispensary, where knowledgeable and friendly bud tenders can help you find the right product and strain for you. 

Pete Steimer in the greenhouse
Pete Steimer at The Pass

If you’re new to cannabis, you might feel like some dispensaries are intimidating, but The Pass cultivates an entirely different experience—one that is breaking the stigma of cannabis consumption. “Some of these stores are small shops with blacked out windows that still feel like you are going somewhere wrong or where you shouldn’t be,” Steimer says. “The Pass has a visually appealing building with a very open-air style dispensary. The counters are spaced out so customers can come in and speak one-on-one with our experts in retail without feeling like all eyes are on them. The Pass provides customers with an experience that they enjoy and feel good about walking in and out of.”

The Pass breaks the stigma surrounding cannabis by offering a dispensary that feels like a safe space to its customers while also helping the community. Between 4/20 and Earth Day, April is undoubtedly the “greenest” month of the year for the cannabis industry. As such, The Pass will honor that by donating a percentage of their gross profits on Earth Day to the Berkshire Natural Resources Council.

If you’ve been curious about cannabis, now is the time to try it. From April 15 through 24, The Pass is offering their Flower Power Bundle, which you can receive by buying a half ounce of The Pass flower. In the bundle, you’ll get a The Pass recycled T-shirt, a pack of King Palm cones, a book of RAW papers or cones, and a BIC lighter. See more of their products here or by visiting their dispensary at 1375 N Main St. in Sheffield, Mass.