Dallis Coffee Does New York, and Now You Can Do Dallis

This is what's called a coffee cupping, and you'll get to do it this Saturday.

We just found out that Dallis Coffee, which has been roasting beans in the city for more than 98 years, is offering a tour of their offices at 100-32 Atlantic Avenue in Queens this Saturday from 1 to 4:30 p.m. We profiled the roaster and their little-known history (they’re the guys making coffee at many of the city’s most prestigious restaurants) in our May-June issue. The tour is $10 — you get a pound of Dallis coffee, too — and includes coffee history, how they roast, the origin of their beans and a cupping (the fancypants coffee term for a slurpy tasting) of some of their newer finds. You just have to RSVP at orders@dallisbroscoffee.com or 718.845.3010.

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