Forget the Herbs, This Restaurant Will Grow its Own Walls

One of Woodland Landscapes' many city projects. The cleome and wisteria are just lovely, aren't they?

You might recall our short music video series last year on home and rooftop gardening by Fire Dean, aka Joseph Schilling, a musician who also runs the Manhattan garden design firm Woodland Landscapes. Back then, Joseph was working on starting fruit and vegetable seeds in his Manhattan apartment windowsills that would soon be transplanted to a Brooklyn rooftop “farm.”

In the coming weeks, he’s going to start work on another culinary project that’s pretty cool: Living “green walls” inside a new restaurant opening in on lower Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights.  Called Colonie, it already made the food blogs for its clever use of the fundraising site we love called Kickstarter. In an effort to raise cash for chairs and other decor — perhaps even their very walls, made up of 170 plants, says Joseph, watered by a hydroponic nutrient/irrigation system and fed with “sunlight” by halogen bulbs — investors could donate micro-loans in exchange for drinks and dinners once the place opens its doors.

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