Oktoberfest at Home: Edi & The Wolf Shares Festival Fare

When the weather starts getting cooler, there’s little that can make you look forward to fall more than Oktoberfest. The Munich-based celebration of beer is the largest fair in the world and takes over Germany in late September and early October. But the celebration has also spanned continents due to its penchant for good times, enjoying the last of the outdoor weather and great food and drink.

Oktoberfest this year runs through October 6th, so to get the scoop on how to properly get in on the fun, we went to Edi & the Wolf and spoke to owner Eduard Frauneder about how to throw our own Oktoberfest soirée.

The essential element to an Oktoberfest celebration is, of course, beer. You should aim to drink German beer, but Frauneder says you should make sure your choice is “light [and] easy to drink,” because “people are sitting there for hours.” His favorite beers are Radeberger, a German pilsner or Hofbräu from Munich, the home of the Oktoberfest celebrations.

But when it comes to eating, you should also get in the German spirit. Frauneder suggests a traditional Wiener schnitzel but also says you can Americanize the tradition by making Wiener schnitzel burgers that will be crowd-pleasers at a party. He also suggests having a few vegetarian options like Alsatian flatbreads, pretzels and Brussels sprouts.

Want to try more from Edi & the Wolf? They’ll be serving fried goat cheese dumplings with butternut squash, pumpkin chutney and pumpkinseed pesto at Edible Escape on October 22! A limited number of early bird tickets ($10 off the general admission price) are still up for grabs… get ’em before they’re gone.
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