The Hudson Valley Hits the Seaport on Sunday, with a Seed Library in Tow

Typical South Street bustle (these days plus a few sweaters) at the New Amsterdam Market. Photo courtesy

For those who’ve yet heed our advice in the last issue to go upstate apple picking — your laziness may have paid off: At the New Amsterdam Market at South Street Seaport this Sunday a load of Hudson Valley vendors will arrive. (Some bearing prizes! Like heirloom seeds!)

Now, we’re pretty psyched just for the vendors alone. There’s 24 special ones scheduled for this weekend, including Hudson Valley Fresh (for local milk and cream), Pampered Cow (for regional cheeses, Wild Hive polenta and Fitting Creek honey) and Kiernan Farm (grass-fed beef and maple syrup). New Amsterdam standby Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats from Kingston will also be on hand, but this time, with free sausages (more on that later).

But for the purchase that keeps on giving, head first to the Hudson Valley Seed Library stand. (Our deputy editor gave both her mother and her sister seeds for the holidays last year, as a matter of fact.) They have the amazing job of making sure our New York heirlooms carry through to future generations, so that there’ll forever be Piraciacaba broccoli and Purple Podded Peas. (Check out their catalog of over 60 varieties of locally grown seeds!) You can pre-order packets for the next season, but one lucky winner will get one of their trademark Art Packs, a pack of seeds featuring the work of New York artists on recycled stock.

Also up for grabs: free NYC deliveries from Fleisher’s, a subscription to Edible Hudson Valley (who’ll also be there, so say hi to our upstate sister, will ya?), apples from Breezy Hill Orchard, wine gift certificates from Benmarl Winery, and a quart of maple syrup from Paisley Farm. Just look for the event organizers, Glynwood, and sign a raffle stub (which is free, though the folks at New Amsterdam would be super thrilled with an added “suggested” donation).

In case you’re new to New Amsterdam, the market runs every Sunday till December 19th at the former site of the historic Fulton Fish Market (on South Street between Beekman and Peck Slip) rain or shine from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a litany of über-local vendors, many of which don’t show at other markets anywhere in the city, and DIY events like communal grape-stomping. (Not that you have to go. We’d just thought we’d, um, plant the seed.)

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