The World’s Smallest Brewery Re-opens This Weekend in Coney Island

Get ready for the 85-foot drop. Photo courtesy

For many Memorial Day weekend means the first grill-out of the season, but for a few of my friends who live in Brooklyn, it’s meant an annual ride on the 1927-era coaster called the Cyclone. This year that ride should end with a trip to the World’s Smallest Brewery (really!) a tiny offshoot of Schmaltz’ Coney Island Brewing Company that opens this weekend in borrowed space from the Freak Show at 12th Street right off Surf Avenue in Brooklyn, mere steps from the subway.

As you’ll see in the NY1 segment we did on the setup last fall (watch here!), their nook and cranny-sized space brews just one quirky, not for prime time gallon at a time on a system rigged up from three stock pots, and they host guest brewers all summer long. (See their blog if you’d like to be one of them.) This their second summer brewing in the Freak Show quarters, which is sort of an incubator space for businesses. The goal is that the brewery will develop a following and fundraising and find their own space for a real Coney Island brewery (the craft beer brand’s commercially available bottles are made upstate). Like us, we imagine you’d like to do your part to make that  happen. So ride the Cyclone, visit the freaks, then drink beer made on the world’s smallest set-up. We bet you’ll enjoy it.

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