Our 13 Most Read Stories of 2013

And another year draws to a close… we ate, we drank, we cooked, and we traveled. We’re thankful that you were there to join us along the way.

Our 13 most read stories of 2013 cover all of the Edible bases. They took us around the world — both by yacht and by plane — where we sampled everything from North African salad to Romanian rosé. Back stateside, we savored the seasons with cider, snapper and prime produce.

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13. RECIPE: When You’re Diane von Furstenberg’s Chef, All the World’s a Stove

550 x 440 Diane Von Furstenberg

“Jane Coxwell is private chef to designer Diane von Furstenberg and media mogul Barry Diller, who happen to spend half the year sailing around the world on an extravagant yacht the Eos. Jealous? I sure am.”

12. For Yom Kippur — a Bagel Crash Course

550 x 440 Bagel Sandwich

During Yom Kippur this year, we thought it would be nice to give some attention to the bagel. We all eat them all the time, but how often do we stop to think about our precious bagel’s history before scarfing down that first bite?

11. Catskill Distilling Company: The One & Only Buckwheat

550 x 440 Distilling

“When Monte Sachs wants to do something, he doesn’t horse around. Or, he does, but only when he’s focused on his day job as an upstate veterinarian specializing in steeds — or perhaps when he’s naming his spirits at Catskills Distilling, which launched its first small-batch spirit in 2011.”

10. Snappers: Eat or be Eaten

550 x 440 Snappers

“Bluefish eat everything. They keep on eating everything their whole lives. And then at some point something eats them. Getting a child involved in this drama is how you teach a kid to fish in New York State’s salt water.”

9. Mixed-Drink Matriarch

550 x 440 Mixed Drink

“Cocktails are now an obsession and a noble profession, and not because of the Bushwhacked economy. Audrey Saunders built that.”

8. The Apple of Your Glass: NYC Cider Week Preview


550 x 440 Cider Week

A look at the cider-centric preview for October’s NY Cider Week.

7. Q&A with Eataly Wine Director, Dan Amatuzzi

550 x 440 Dan

“His parents might have had a string of heart palpitations when Dan Amatuzzi graduated with a shiny degree in economics from Villanova and told them he wanted to sniff corks for a living, but after he made the list of Forbes‘s “30 Under 30″ to watch in 2012, they realized their son with the big grin and shock of premature grays had found his passion.”

6. “Women in the ’60s Made Pickles, Too” — Our Interview with Yoko Ono

550 x 440 yoko

“Three years ago, we had the privilege of interviewing artist and activist Yoko Ono in our holiday issue. When we asked her thoughts on young and progressive women who enthusiastically make their own pickles, her response couldn’t have been better.”

5. RECIPE: Panzerotti from I Trulli

550 x 440 panz

“For the Marzovillas, the son and mother team behind Puglia-centric I Trulli, putting their hometown specialty panzerotti on the menu was never in question.”

4. Growing New Lives

550 x 440 Growing New Lives

A gardening program on the largest penal colony in the world.

3. When in Romania

550 x 440 Romania

Our publisher’s family travels to Transylvania—and back in time.

2. Ode to a Fruit Fly Trap

550 x 440 fruit-fly-trap

“By late summer, my most prized culinary possession isn’t my Wüsthof chefs knife, my pesto-whirring food processor, my wooden ginger grater bought at a stoop sale, not even my dough-kneading, cream-whipping KitchenAid stand mixer. It’s my fruit fly trap.”

1. What Are the World’s Greatest Chefs Talking About? Seeds.

550 x 440 Seeds

“For more than a decade Dan Barber has been among the most influential chefs working at the intersection of ecology and gastronomy. Last Monday, with a veritable United Nations Security Council of the world’s top chefs as his allies, he exhorted cooks to think not just about how and where their food is grown, but about what forces are influencing the very DNA of our ingredients.”

Marissa Finn

When Marissa was a little girl, she threw her bottle and pacifier down the stairs and begged for "real food." More than two decades later, her passion for real food has grown into a part of her everyday life. Marissa graduated in May 2014 with a Masters in Food Studies from NYU, where she focused her research on food politics and food culture. She has taught children’s nutrition, gardening and cooking classes for the past four years, and she will spend the next academic year as a FoodCorps service member in Guilford County, North Carolina.

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