VIDEO: The Art of the Black and White Cookie

Black and white cookies are one of those New York staples that feels as essential as the Yankees and Mets rivalry or bagels and lox. Carol Becker of William Greenberg Desserts, says, “it’s been around for a long time and everyone remembers it from their childhood. It is one of those special cookies that everybody loves.”

But it’s not just for the bakery; you can also make them at home. But don’t pull out your frosting and cookies just yet, because it has a unique flavor all its own. As Becker points out, “It is a little different. It’s more cake than cookie actually. It has buttermilk and it has more eggs in it and we use cake flour… and the icing is a real soft fondant, it’s a little gooey and a little sweet… but it’s not that hard icing that you see on a cupcake.”

To get a full tutorial on how to make a black and white cookie, watch the video above.

Featured photo credit: Flickr / Editor B

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