VIDEO: How to Prepare Marrow at Home


Restaurant menus seem to be having a love affair with bone marrow. The rich umami flavor combined with a distinctive presentation (it’s hard to argue with a dish that comes with its own bone) has made it into an unlikely staple.

But just because it seems to be taking over restaurants, doesn’t mean it’s also not realistic to make at home.

Harold Dieterle, of The Marrow restaurant and also the first winner of Bravo’s Top Chef, has his own signature take on the dish. He uses uni, fried diced potatoes and baby celery greens to add to the texture and flavor of the marrow.

He also suggests going to your local butcher and diving right in. Ask for a leg bone and make sure that, you “get something that is quite large.” The most important part of making bone marrow at home is to start with the right type of bone; you need one with a deep canal because it will have more marrow. Additionally, have the butcher split it lengthwise since this is not something you want to do at home! Dieterle also suggests trimming off the bottom to make it flat when roasting.

For his full recipe watch the video above, or if you don’t want to tackle the dish on your own, you can always head over to The Marrow in the West Village of Manhattan.

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