Win a Copy of Marcus Samuelsson’s New Cookbook


Chef Marcus Samuelsson Reading the Dining Section at His Favorite Harlem Haunt (& Proving That Print’s Not Dead Yet, To Boot).

In case you couldn’t tell from the story in our current issue how much we liked Marcus Samuelsson’s new cookbook–New American Table was inspired by his exploration of New York’s immigrant dives and delights–we decided we’d get a few copies in to give away. Samuelsson (that’s him looking smashing in Patisserie Des Ambassades, a Franco-Senegalese spot he frequents) moved here in 1991, and was immediately smitten with the culinary diversity of the city: everything from East Village Ukrainian delis and Curry Hill’s Indian groceries to four-star spots and soul food in Harlem.

It’s places like those that inspired the chef–himself an immigrant–to put together the dishes (trout pierogi, nettle-shrimp soup, almond chicken with avocado salsa and radish salad, jerk-spiced catfish, lamb stew with dill sauce and roasted parsley root) in the book. And all you have to do to score your own copy is tell us about your favorite immigrant-ingredient inspired idea or recipe–maybe something you concocted at home after buying wiri-wiri hot sauce at a Guyanese deli or tasting Malaysian noodles flavored with pandan leaf in Chinatown. Just send an email to info AT with New American Table Contest in the subject line. We’ll pick the best story and post it here.

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