Our 5 Favorite Veg-Friendly Spots

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Mushroom and tomatillo croquettas at Cienfuegos are spicy and satisfying.

You might still be observing Meatless Mondays; you may have given up animal products altogether. Either way, you need to eat, so we’re bringing you some of the plant-based meals that have most tickled our fancy recently.



Sick of avocado rolls? Go to Neta, where they take vegan sushi a bit more seriously (and can even do a full vegan omakase meal with some warning). They offer shiitake, maitake and king mushroom as sushi or sashimi, each cooked in a way that brings out their natural meatiness. Their list of vegetable rolls, too, from miso lotus root to soy-braised shiitake, will have you forgetting all those boring ones you’ve eaten in the past.

Orchard Grocer


The latest vegan grocery store in New York City resides on the Lower East Side, right next to Moo Shoes. They’re making sandwiches, soups and salads in house, and vegans are losing their minds over the Edith, which features housemade, cold-smoked carrot lox and cashew cream cheese on an Orwashers bagel with capers and dill. It’s almost as tangy and luscious as the classic.



Cienfuegos, the upstairs rum bar at Avenue A and East 6th, is the latest of restaurateur Ravi DeRossi’s properties to switch over to a plant-based menu—and it just might be the best yet. Start with fried olives served with miso aïoli, move on to maduros dipped in coffee gastrique, then don’t miss the mushroom and tomatillo croquetas. Sip on the spicy Honey Badger (which isn’t made with actual honey, of course).



This Brooklyn spot now has two locations where you can enjoy their fresh Italian fare, and the Basilico panini—featuring hummus and dried tomatoes in oil—is exceptionally simple but wonderfully satisfying.

Strange Flavor


At Bushwick bar The Johnsons, order irreverent Sichuan-influenced fast food from the walk-up window Strange Flavor, where there are always vegan and vegetarian options. This longbean tempura, for example, offers freshness, crunch and acidity all in one package that goes so well with a cheap beer.