Paper Daisy Shakes Up the St. Marks Cocktail Scene

Disco & Donuts, courtesy Paper Daisy.

Paper Daisy is a sleek Saint Marks bar and restaurant that promises “drinks and other things.” Their drink menu is a display of fun cocktails with whimsical names like Watch Me Matcha, Pretty Ricky Kiss of Death, and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. Their decor, menu, and cocktails are a mix of modern-day and nostalgia, which makes Paper Daisy a unique experience. The lighting is warm and inviting, there are candles, hardwood floors, tile, and cozy seating. It’s the perfect place for a night out with friends or a date. 

Their drinks are pretty vibrant. The Watch Me Matcha is concoction of Four Pillars rare dry gin, mizu lemongrass shochu, matcha, Italicus bergamot liqueur, cucumbers, lemon, and a crisp egg white shaken to perfection on top. The drink is a beautiful green, and it’s perfect for green tea lovers who want an adult but summery twist. New customers with a sweet tooth, but with a twist, should also try the Disco & Doughnuts. It’s made of Monkey Shoulder blended scotch, Montelobos mezcal, velvet falernum, Mr. Black coffee liquor, and some bitters. Anyone who wants a simpler drink while they hang out can pick from a selection of draft and bottled beers. There are also some red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

The food at Paper Daisy feels like a quirky re-imaging of a comfort foods that pair well with cocktails or wine. Their food offerings include spicy meatballs with tomato confit alongside some fresh house-made focaccia bread. They also have a summer New York City staple: hot dogs. The duck hot dog is served with caramelized onions and more. Another must-try are the sour cucumbers, garlic, yogurt, dill, with a puffed pita. Anyone who doesn’t feel like being too adventurous with their dinner can also try the classic burger on a brioche bun with a side of fries.